LED Lighting

With the cost of electricity rising and increased concern over global warming and environmental issues, it is now more important than ever, to find new solutions to reduce costs and your overall carbon footprint.

One such solution that can be utilised is the installation of energy saving LED lighting, which offers considerable benefits over traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Oakleaf Electrical work closely with authorities, places of education and various businesses, to provide the benefits of LED Lighting in an efficient and cost-effective way.

With the installation of LED lighting, the pay back benefits can be as quick as 3 years.

All the LED lighting that we install is supplied by branded manufacturers such as Thorlux, Thorn, Whitecroft and Ansell Lighting. These fittings will come with a 3-5 year manufacturer’s warranty, dependent on the manufacturer.

Oakleaf electrician LED lights DSF3333
An Oakleaf electrician installing LED lighting controls

Health and Performance

Indoor lighting can impact on a person’s performance in their learning/working environment. It has been demonstrated that better quality lighting can improve learning and production. Surveys have shown that poor lighting, such as fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lighting effects the working/learning environment, resulting in an unhappy atmosphere. Headaches, tiredness and stress have all been attributed to poor lighting.

As LED lighting is close to daylight, it gives a better quality of light, which improves the general wellbeing of the person and aids concentration.

Oakleaf electrician LED light control DSF3339
An Oakleaf electrician making a termination on an LED lighting controller

Power Savings

The installation of LED lighting, together with lighting controls, can help with the reduction of your total electricity consumption.

Maintenance – Reduction in Costs

LED lighting is much more reliable and a vast improvement over normal lighting solutions, with an average product life of 50,000 hours, resulting in less maintenance. Less heat is produced by LED lighting, which operates at a much cooler temperature to fluorescent and incandescent lamps, which therefore makes it safer.

Berry gardens Breakout2
LED installation of office breakout area in commercial premises

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

Many organisations are being asked to reduce their carbon footprint.

With lighting being frequently left on unnecessarily, the installation of LED lighting and energy saving lighting controls can considerably reduce the overall carbon footprint of your premises.

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